UMBRIA NEWS – Automobile Club di Perugia, l’8 marzo corso di guida sicura per donne


mqdefault UMBRIA NEWS   Automobile Club di Perugia, l8 marzo corso di guida sicura per donne

L’agenzia video giornalistica AVI NEWS produce e realizza il rotocalco televisivo di cultura, informazione e società “Umbria News”, in onda su TeF Channel e …
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Cell Phone Car Accessories| Cell Phone Car Accessories Convenient and Safe Stay in contact with the world with cell phone car accessories, these devices make things more accessible and easier t…


Taking A Look At Eight Of Bmw’s Latest Models

A world renowned car manufacturer who have been established for almost one hundred years, BMW dealers have been offering everything from luxury to high performance cars to a willing and eager market since their first car entered BMW dealers in December 1927.

Constantly developing and expanding their range, the following eight cars are some of BMW’s much adored and highest quality cars that are part of the company’s current range, with one car taken from each of the eight classes.

1. 1 Series 3 door – BMW’s cheapest car, the 1 Series 3 door starts at just 17,610 pounds and although it’s been met by some negative reviews – it’s been reported that the 1 Series isn’t a true BMW as it’s too short and isn’t as high performing – there’s no doubt that the fact it allows a wider group of people to be driving around in a BMW has made the car a resounding success.

2. 3 Series Touring – following in the foot steps of the ever popular 3 Series design and performance principles, what many love about the current Touring version of the 3 Series is that it doesn’t feel like a longer, larger model, as you get all of the extra space without any negative impact on performance.

3. 5 Series Gran Turismo – for any car that is given the ‘Gran Turismo’ tag, you expect it to be able to pack a punch when it comes to performance and BMW’s 5 Series Gran Turismo doesn’t fail to deliver, able to reach 60 miles per hour in just 5.5 seconds.

4. 6 Series Coupe – a luxury coupe, the latest 6 Series Coupe to form part of BMW’s range first entered production in 2003 and although it’s one of the brand’s more expensive models, with prices starting from 55,405 pounds, it’s been one of BMW’s most warmly received cars in recent years.

5. 7 Series Saloon – showcased to the public in July 2008 at Red Square in Moscow, the car combines high end luxury, fantastic performance – buyers have the option to have the 7 Series Saloon come with a 6 litre V12 turbo engine – and beautifully stunning good looks.

6. X6 – as part of the company’s X range of cars, the X6 is classed as a mid-size luxury crossover and is favoured for the fact it mixes typically good BMW aesthetics with four wheel drive capability, large, robust wheels and an elevated seated position.

A beautiful car, at just over 45,000 for the base model, it’s not BMW’s cheapest, but it’s without doubt one of their best cars as of late.

7. Z4 – BMW’s sportiest model, the Z4 replaced the Z3 in 2002 and has won various awards throughout the past few years, including ‘Design Of The Year’ from Automobile Magazine.

8. M6 Coupe – the company’s most expensive car, the M6 Coupe has a base price tag of 87,335 pounds and is billed as BMW’s high performance car.

Originally in BMW dealers from 1983 to 1989, production started once again in 2005 and although it has recently finished, it is still possible to buy a brand new M6 Coupe, packed full of performance features, including a V10 engine and seven speed gearbox.

Jardine Motors Group UK operates a large portfolio of specialist franchises of the world’s most prestigious marques, including BMW dealers.

Cool name for Car Accessories Shop??

Question by sharon_wen: Cool name for Car Accessories Shop??
The name of the owner is kiong.

Wat do u think of:


any other ideas?? help me!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Erika O
K Shop.
Keep it simple. People should be able to read it. People should be able to remember it.
You don’t have to have accessories in the title.

What do you think? Answer below!

Saab’s Latest Beta Car Model

Saab’s Latest Beta Car Model.
Video Rating: 3 / 5 All about Hyundai and photo galleries… 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Hyundai Veloster Turbo Car and Driver magazine Hyundai Car an…

Latest Automobile News News

Series of automobile burglaries prompt warning
Garden City police are urging the public to lock their vehicles and stow away possessions after a recent rash of automobile burglaries. "Any time we see a rise, whether small or large in a particular crime, we are going to take a look to see what else …
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Ford's SUVs Propel Its China Gains
China sales of all such vehicles increased 49% to about three million vehicles, according to data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. Guan Jiajie is a convert to Ford's SUVs. The 30-year-old who works in sales for a manufacturing …
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Report: McLaren 12C Production Ends
As was widely suspected, the introduction of the new McLaren 650S coupe and Spider means the end of the 12C supercar. McLaren will end production of the 12C (pictured), but plans to sate owners by giving them several free upgrades. In a letter posted …
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Car accessories

Car accessories are as important as your car; they make your car comfortable and help to run smooth. Today automotive market is flooded with different range of car accessories. Some of the basic car accessories are as follows- floor mats, carpets, car covers, seat covers, music decks, cell phone holder and roof tracks.. These car accessories give a classic touch to your car and wherever you drive the car it attracts lot of attention and eyeballs.

There is a wide range of choice in car accessories at a reasonable price.  For instance, to make your wheel look cool and elegant, you can use shiny and stylish rims which are very modern. You could also add up some lightning effects to add some more sparks in your car.

There are two major categories of car accessories, one is Interior Auto Accessories and the other one is Exterior Car Accessories. As the name suggests, Interior Auto accessories include all the accessories that are used inside the car, for example- Carpets, seat covers, TV, stereo system, Air freshener, air Bags, Mobile holder, wooden dashboards, soft seat cushions and many more.  

On the other hand, Exterior Car Accessories are used for car’s exterior. These accessories include- side bars, body panels, license plate, wheel covers, windshield wiper blades etc.
Both exterior and interior of your car should be given equal importance. If your car’s exterior attracts people then interior of your car depicts your personal style

The latest car accessory that has come up in the market is L.E.D. head light which not only enhances the beauty of your car but also make your view clear in a foggy and dusty weather.

The color and design of your side mirror also have a crucial role as they give the view of the road and traffic along with the scenic beauty of the place.  So a good quality and attractive side mirrors should be preferred to buy for your convenience and for car’s beauty. If you have a pet that you often take out for drive then there is another important car accessory called pet barrier; it is used to keep pets at the back of the car. The car bras are useful car accessory; they protect car grilles and hoods and battle against the dirt kicked up by your wheels.  

First aid kit is an unforgettable car accessories and very useful for long routes. Similarly safety kit provides protection to kids during driving.

To manage your car temperature rightly, you should put quality air conditioner, purifiers and air filters.  If you are fond of music and entertainment then you can think about installing a small LCD in your car. Today, GPS is given great importance for navigation. It helps you to find the way incase you are lost and very useful in tracking your vehicle in cases like kidnapping and hijacking.  They also come with special features like audio and video playback, FM radio and e-reading abilities.

You could also view car accessories in Internet but whatever accessories you choose; only buy which you need the most and should have great quality. There are almost 500 accessories to choose from and it can often bewilder you which one to buy. Therefore, before you go out to shop for your accessories make a list of useful items, which is very time saving. However, sometimes you do not find proper substitute for your car accessories then it is advisable to purchase all necessary accessories at the time of purchase of your car.

Yakto Automotive – Yakto provides latest information about motor vehicles designs,Automotive Parts and Marketing news for old and new motor vehicles.

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Late Model?

Question by Cyndi: Late Model?
A late model car…is that an OLD car or a NEW car?

Best answer:

Answer by Heather
A late model car is recent. A classic car is old.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

What does it take to own and maintain a late model car?

Question by asilssim: What does it take to own and maintain a late model car?
We are looking to purchase a late model car; possibly a 1963 Comet or 1969 Camaro. We currently own one regular sedan and a sports car so we know how to maintain a newer vehicle. I also work at an automotive parts store and have access to cheaper parts (not sure that this would help with an older car but it is noteworthy). Anybody out there who owns an older car who would like to fill in any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Jacko84jeep
After owning 21 cars in my28 years of life I can tell you this: if you go with a domestic, pars, labor and maintainance are going to be cheaper that going with an import. Owning an older car can be very fun so long as you have it a a second car; there is always something bound to happen with an older car so be ready to spend some money and learn to DIY. YouTube is a great place to know basic and specific repairs and maintainance on cars. If you are prepared to deal with all of this, owning an oldie should be a blast

Add your own answer in the comments!

Latest Latest Car News News

Deal lets Tesla electric car company continue New York sales
A deal reached Friday will allow Tesla Motors to continue to sell its electric cars in New York, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced. The governor said the agreement among Tesla, the New York State Automobile Dealers Association and the Greater New York …
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GM's CEO Barra To Face Heavy Grilling as Car Recalls Rise
Even as General Motors prepares for what is likely to be a tough grilling on Capitol Hill later this week, the automaker has been rapidly expanding the list of vehicles covered under a variety of safety-related recalls. That includes not only another …

Car- jacking syndicate crippled
PETALING JAYA: Police crippled a car -jacking syndicate after they arrested three men and two women in Kuala Lumpur last week. The success also saw seven stolen luxury cars worth over RM1 million recovered. Petaling Jaya district police chief Assistant …
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Automotive Industry News Courier Week (may 3

In this age of information explosion, busy all day if you have time to focus on industry, big or small place? It can make good use industry market trends? HC Automotive net for the majority of users send the most professional, most authoritative, most industry highlights the depth of the weekly review for you in a timely manner, a comprehensive understanding of automotive electronics industry dynamics provide the most convenient channels.

Understand the automotive electronics market dynamics, see if the industry this week News Express.

Industry observers:

Low-carbon “Expo” big brothers to feel the pulse of the domestic auto electronics industry

Abstract: When the Shanghai World Expo will be a high-profile singing “green travel” when the moment into a low carbon economy, people’s lives, all with the “low carbon”, “Expo”, “green” is also linked to these keywords gradually heated up. For the automotive industry, energy-saving products have become the dominant force, car entertainment navigation products are a great stimulus to the development of the industry, and to bring new vehicles Product Development. More>>

Hot market is a chain reaction behind the rear

Abstract: In the “Expo”, “Beijing Auto Show,” “Fair” and other series of hot spots is concern, the car may also occur after the market surging chain reaction. On the one hand, the rapid development of automobile market to stimulate rapid economic growth; the other hand, vehicle information terminal, to provide content services for consumers, for consumers to enjoy the expansion of space from the car parking spaces for a full range of services perspective, after the car development of the market brought about by the warmth.


Car to catch the express train-vehicle information services burgeoned 3G

Abstract: 3G era is an era of change, when the 3G technology into the car, the auto industry will look very different, and especially in-vehicle information services. On the one hand, vehicle information is conducive to driving directions, so that the second car into the consumer space for office and home entertainment; the other vehicle information due to its inexpensive nature, it is possible to eliminate the traditional GPS. More>>

Week Topics: Car GPS

false in the end how much business relationship with the hardware?

Abstract: In the face of false positives in life situations Car GPS, many people mistakenly thought that GPS manufacturers produce errors, but by understanding the working principle of GPS is not difficult to find that it has a custom save location, which with the use of develop a search process to confirm the destination is correct, after completion of a good habit. Thus, with the further development of the map industry, car navigation systems GPS navigation software would be more accurate, but we live in so-called false positives and car GPS navigation hardware itself is not related. More>>

Automotive Electronics Boutique into the 4S shop climate mature?

Abstract: With the car’s lower net profit Car sales, 4S shop more and more value automobile market, the bulk of the automotive products are still based on non-automotive products began to enter car showrooms. Although to some extent limited by the manufacturers, but because the market 4S shop repairs depression, such as GPS systems, car carpet, chassis armor, car leather, car audio and video electronics boutique modified products is likely to become a hot product. More>>

I am China Hardware Suppliers writer, reports some information about turquoise silver rings , pink pearl rings.

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What would cars be like 10 years from now?

Question by BrainFlash: What would cars be like 10 years from now?

Best answer:

Answer by MotoMan
Here is one that might be popular.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Website for Automotive News?

Question by dedmond29: What’s Your Favorite Website for Automotive News?
More along the lines of industry and or new car information/technology; not classic cars, auctions or used information.

Best answer:

Answer by eck_03

Give your answer to this question below!

Car Pro Automotive News & 2013 Infiniti JX Review

Jerry Reynolds, The Car Pro, updates the Automotive News of the Week and reviews the all-new 2013 Infiniti JX.

Kendra Rawls, Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing, Polk and Stephen Polk, Chairman, President and CEO of R. L. Polk & Co. present at the 16th annual Polk Loyalty Awa…

Car Audio Supplier for All Models and Latest Car Audio/DVD Players

Today’s marketplaces are flourishing with different types of in-car entertainment tools like car audio systems, wholesale DVD players and other tools. But getting the right entertainment product that should best match your requirements and from a reputed and brand name is really very confusing. It happens because most of the car enthusiasts prefer to buy car audio systems from local dealers. If you are also one of those, you should look for reputed and brand name car audio suppliers who offer brand name DVD players and other entertainment tools at reasonable prices.

A leading and reliable car audio supplier offer latest car audio systems that have some latest features like FM/AM tuner, built-in USB port/SD slot, Remote control, auto memory function, etc., have made the car audio systems a must have in-car entertainment tools to have in your car. Especially if you are going to buy a new luxury car of your dream, it would be a better decision to buy a DVD player or audio system from a trustable and leading car audio supplier. Talking about the brand name car audio suppliers deeply, they have different platforms to sell in-car entertainment products of different brand names available in the marketplaces.

Moreover, the selected car audio suppliers keep them updated with the latest in-car entertainment products so that one can easily buy the right and latest tools available in the market. Especially for car DVD players and audio players, these car audio suppliers never compromise with quality products. As mentioned earlier, car audio suppliers sell these products via different platforms; you have a better opportunity to buy them online from the comfort of your home or office.

There are a number of benefits of buying in-car entertainment products including car audio systems online. By doing so, you not only get the best product available in the market, but can easily go through the features and benefits of these products. On the other hand, you can also reap the benefits of some added discounts that are often offered by the selected car audio suppliers.

Needless to say, car audio suppliers are the right option for you to get the right in-car entertainment tools for your luxury and dream car. But, it is also vital to keep some essential points in mind to avoid any potential problem. You should check the toll-free number and also go through the customers’ reviews page to make sure that you are not in wrong hands. is a leading Car Audio Supplier in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, provides different types of Wholesale Car Audio and audio players with high-efficient service.

Latest News in India

If a person is looking forward to find the latest news India then the best option is to visit a website. These websites are updated every time there is breaking news in India. Though television offers us with a similar service websites give us an advantage to choose our sector of interest and read articles we find interesting unlike the television channels where you have to watch what you are shown. Newspapers do give you the freedom to choose articles but you have to wait for the next day’s edition to read about news which took place today in the early afternoon. Till then the breaking news India looses its immediacy and the audience loose their interest in that news. When a website writes and updates news only about India it is deemed to be called India news website.

Due to globalization it is important for people to know about the news doing rounds around the world. Therefore everyone needs some kind of access to the other countries current affairs to keep them aware. One countries newspapers can be couriered to another country but till then the news will loose its immediacy and television is largely immobile therefore the best way to get access to a countries news is to visit the websites which publish the current affairs of ones country.  The same way Indians can visit sites from other countries and evaluate the impact an event that occurred in some other country can have o our country. The news can be anything from politics to entertainment depending upon the likes of the reader. The interactive journalism of today helps in getting feedbacks from different people with a different mind set. They offer their readers with forums where they can discus and debate their opinions with others.

Sites host contests, discussions; polls etc understand the views and expectations of the public.

Breaking news India can be anything from a murder of a celebrity to a major political discussion the sites should just remember that whatever news the put should be the latest news India. The websites appoint a particular number of employees to work on a particular beat, which can be crime, entertainment, politics, economy etc. that take place in India. When all these come together on one website then the website can be called India news website. These websites are of great importance and convenience in today’s times.

Get the breaking news, India news, breaking news India from jagran post and Many More

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smart car accessories


mqdefault1 smart car accessories

smart car accident smart car accessories brochure smart car accessories cup holder smart car parts accessories smart car accessories smart car accessories uk.
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mqdefault2 smart car accessories

From my home layout. 1. 3472 Operating Milk Car 2. 6-12706 Manual Barrel Loader modified with a solenoid for remote activation. 3. 3359 Twin Bin Dump Car 4. …
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Latest Share market news

Share market is the most volatile sector where fluctuations in the prices of the shares are very common and occur frequently. People always stick their eyes on the share market news to get the current prices of the share of the particular company.  Each running company gets listed in the stock market such as BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange). They need to pursue a proper way of enlisting their company and issue shares. At the time of issuing shares, companies need to spread information among the people so that interested people invest money in that particular companies’ shares. This is really latest news from the perspective of the people who want to keep waiting for the opportunities to invest money. When it comes to India news, share news surely has the vital place in India news.


Moreover, the fluctuations of the share market are recorded in the news and distribute to the public for judging and making their decisions on the basis of report. There are several news channels that only provide economy news and focus on the share market news. They provide complete information about the share prices, experts’ views and different other news that helps you in understanding share market and invest your money safely. Therefore, the role of the media personnel is very imperative in terms of accumulating and scrutinizing the valid data precisely. It is highly accepted that people love to have news in their regional language as they can better understand so news channels can approach to the regional language latest news channels. It is not only about the share market news but entire India News must be precisely delivered in Hindi language as well as in other languages.


When it comes the importance if instant and latest news, most of the people who invest their money in the share market they rush to get every minute updates of the share market.

Therefore, it is very imperative that media personnel provide comprehensive share market news to the public instantly and keep updating them frequently. Ultimately, India news will cover or include the each small incident of the nation and presented to the public in both ways such as via print media as well as broadcasting media. However, there are several occasions when people want to stay updated while they are in journey or walk. At that moment mobile phone, Smartphone or tablet pc is the best solution.



Find Share Market News, India news and Latest News on every topic at

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New Flying Car Design Unveiled


A Massachusetts company releases plans for a flying, helicopter appearing car. Flying cars seem to be inevitable at some point in future. Terrafugia, an aero…

mqdefault New Flying Car Design Unveiled Latest World News 24h Plz Subscrib for Latest World News Time is running out for politicans in Detroit trying to av…

Car Accessories

Despite the recession, sales of car accessories have remained high. People spend increasing amounts time in their cars and they want to be comfortable when they do so. More and more people are waking up to the fact buying extras, as part of the package is an expensive way of getting what they want. As a result, more consumers are buying standard vehicles and having them fitted out at a later date with luxury items.

Car Accessories for Entertainment

By far the biggest growth area for the car accessory market is entertainment related accessories. People are buying accessories that allow them to enjoy using their smart phones whilst on the move or entertainment systems to keep the kids happy. This includes full car audio systems, which allow passengers in the back to watch DVDs. For drivers GPS and music related car accessories are very popular extras.

On a more practical note, more and more people are also having systems such as parking sensors and Bluetooth kits fitted to their car. People also having items such as cruise control and car alarms retrofitted to their cars.

Car Accessories and Styling

However, by far the biggest growth area for car accessories are those accessories designed to make their car look better. People like to personalise their vehicles and turn them into something that is unique to them. Years ago, mostly young men wanted to do this. However now, more and more women are also buying accessories for their car. By far the most popular accessories, at the moment, are HID lights and heated seats.

Using car accessories, you can quickly turn a bulk standard family car into something special.

Provided you shop around you can do so for relatively little money. In addition, it is feasible to add the extras you want gradually over time. Car accessories make the perfect gift for many people. If you are lucky to have a car centre close by you can have practically any extra you can think of added to your vehicle by a team of professionals who sell good quality products and fit them properly.

The Boundary Car Care centre sells a huge range of specialist car accessories. We can fit anything from parking sensors to cruise control and offer many other services including vehicle wraps.

The Hello Kitty Steering Wheel Cover is a robust and durable product. Don’t worry, I know it’s kind of weird, if not even creepy, to have a bald mid-aged man…
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Ideas For A News Report?

Question by Smiley L: Ideas For A News Report?
I need help on finding an idea for my news report.
Can anyone think of one, it can be school related or any subject, thanks.
Best Answer gets the 10 points

Best answer:

Answer by kelsey45
obama says to you

It covers a wide range of subjects including the economy, the ailing automobile industry, the government’s $ 700 billion bailout program, their visit to the White House, the emotions of election night and the quest for a family dog. You’ll hear all of it. But we begin with the president-elect and his thoughts about the new job.

(he says)
Well, I tell you what, there seem to be more people hovering around me. That’s for sure. And, on the other hand, I’m sleeping in my own bed over the last ten days, which is quite a treat. Michelle always wakes up earlier than I do. So listen to her roaming around and having the girls come in and, you know, jump in your bed. It’s a great feeling. Yeah.

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Painting Car Accessories with Stainless Steel Paint – Dupli-Color Daily Driver Series

Small projects can make big differences to your daily driver vehicle! Matt Steele and our Daily Driver series will show you how a simple project can transfor…

where can i find info on a rare automobile.specifically a nector?

Question by stompsick: where can i find info on a rare automobile.specifically a nector?

Best answer:

Answer by pinetreeauto
Find a good news stand or book store and look for “Hemmings
motor news” a automotive news print comes out every month.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Interior Car Accessories

A car without a music system is like a car television without cable or DTH. So the first thing that comes to one’s mind when talking about car interiors and accessories is the music system. While most car manufacturers will today provide a system with their cars the choice of which one you want fitted in is often left up to you. Starting from base models by Pioneer up to really expensive and classy one like a Bose, if you have the money and the inclination and need for a really good sound system in your car than there is no dearth of choice. A good decent sound system on an average will cost you around Rs 8000 though you can get something for as low as Rs 4000.

When it comes to car interiors then the choices for decking and personalizing your car are manifold. It all depends on how much you can spend and what all you want to add on. The following is a list of car Interior accessories that people in India buy usually-

Car Interior Accessories India

•  Steering wheel cover
•  Gear locks
•  Gear knob covers
•  Foot mats
•  Air fresheners
•  Car perfumes
•  Seat covers
•  Car fridges
•  Mobile holders
•  Steering knobs
•  GPRS unit
•  Anti Glare mirrors
•  Sun shades
•  Cigarette lighter sockets and splitters
•  Car mobile chargers
•  Anti slip sticky mat pads
•  Car organizers

As you can see there is a variety of accessories to choose from and nowadays one can buy car interiors online from the comfort of one’s home.

The range of items and quality will decide the price of the car accessory but on an average Interior Car accessories start at around RS 100 for car fresheners or car perfumes to up to 4000 for a full laminated floor mat covering. The disadvantage of getting a full floor mat covering done in lamination is just that in case the car wiring needs to be accessed then the entire matting will need to be taken apart.
Today the car interiors market in brimming over with offers and products. A good way to make purchases would be to check out what the car dealer has to offer and then do a round of the local car accessories selling locality. Then you will have a better idea of how the car accessories are variedly priced and you can get the best value for your money.

Author’s Bio: Ackley  has penned down different write-ups on cars. In this article he briefly describes  many things concerning  car interior  accessories.

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Q&A: Awesome Classic Beach Cars?

Question by Mike: Awesome Classic Beach Cars?
I want to get a classic car that would be awesome to drive during the summer. From the 80′s to the 90′s maybe. Hopefully convertible. Just tell me the models please

Best answer:

Answer by Deathbound
Late 80′s cars aren’t classic, they’re just outdated.

What do you think? Answer below!

UMBRIA NEWS – Automobile club Perugia, riapertura delegazione Perugia centro

L’Automobile club provinciale fa un altro passo verso i cittadini che mette in pratica riaprendo la delegazione Perugia centro. Un ufficio che mancava dalla …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Q&A: What should my first car be?

Question by trustislove93: What should my first car be?
I’ve started just kind of browsing through different models to get a feel for what I like, nothing really serious at this point. But I’d still like to know if I’m heading in the right direction.

My parents leased a VW Bug for my sister’s first car, and bought her a new Jetta to take with her to college. However, I’m pretty sure my parents just want to buy my first car instead of leasing one, then buying one later.

I’ve been interested in the Mazda 3 and the Toyota Corolla. Are these pretty sturdy cars? I prefer the Mazda, and my mom agrees that she likes it as well. Suggestions welcome.


Best answer:

Answer by kooliospt
the mazda 3 is really nice car. it has the “looks”. if u know what i mean. but the corolla is also nice. if u are worried about gas mileage then i suggest getting the corolla. gas is getting pretty high these days. could save u alot of money at the end especially for college. i should know cause i am in college. for me i chose the honda accord, dont get the v6 option cause u will spend alot of money on gas, plus honda is on the top of the reliability list. good luck!

What do you think? Answer below!

Car Pro Automotive News & 2012 Hyundai Azera Review

Jerry Reynolds, The Car Pro, updates the Automotive News of the week and reviews the all-new 2012 Hyundai Azera. For more, go to

Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne gave the keynote talk Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012, at the Automotive News World Congress conference. This is part one of hi…

Latest Latest Car Models News

Small is the new big
THE Geneva Motor Show, which opened this week, is a place where claims tend to be big. A straight-faced boss can be heard insisting that his firm's latest car redefines the entire motoring experience—where in fact a facelift has given the model's …
Read more on The Economist (blog)

Best used cars under 000
New cars lose much of their value in the first couple of years. Buying used avoids that painful hit. By targeting the newest model you can afford, you'll be able to get the latest safety features, such as electronic stability control, and still …
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Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue: Other Obamacare Plans, Fast Food Car Accessories Part 2

Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from Thursday, October 3. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The Tonight Show Star…
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New High Tech In The Automobile Business

“You can have any colour you want as long as it’s black,” Henry Ford once remarked of the Model T in 1909, but today’s automobiles offer much more than just colour choices. In fact, the technology available on new cars today can be called nothing less than amazing. New technology that is either in automobiles now or is coming out soon includes:

Retractable doors. It’s every lady’s wish to have a gentleman open the car door for her. Several new brands of cars have retractable doors that vanish once the driver and passengers start to exit. At the touch of a button, windows lower into the door panels, then the doors, which stretch across both the front and back seats lower themselves below the floor of the vehicle. Opening a car door and holding it open for the lady’s entrance or exit or bumping into the car next to you are thing of the past. And since the door retracts into the floor, the bottom clearance is never affected.

Hands-free infotainment systems are now available that can control operation of cell phones and music. Soon, cars will also feature a backup camera with a colour touch screen display.

A new lane departure warning and prevention system will be able to alert the driver to an unintentional lane change and will even nudge the vehicle back to the intended lane.

A new active sound control system uses two microphones inside the cab to detect low-frequency engine noise. When noise is detected, the system transmits a cancelling frequency through the speakers, in effect, “white” noise.

New split-screen technology introduces a viewing screen that displays two images: one on top of the other. The driver can only see the navigation map. The passenger sees only the programmed video.

Better than a CB radio, new car-to-car communication uses WLAN technology, which allows drivers to communicate directly with other relevant vehicles in his immediate area, allowing him to send messages about upcoming road conditions and traffic problems.

A heads-up display system combines a vehicle’s full array of sensors and cameras to create a full-windshield display to aid drivers in extremely low visibility situations. For example, if a driver is in a dense fog situation, the vehicle would use infrared cameras to “paint” the edges of the road onto the windshield in order to help the driver keep the car on the road. As a result, there is practically no guesswork, even in the worst visibility.

An optional navigation modem plus system will offer the user direct access to Google for points of interest along the way. The results are displayed on the navigation map.

Hugh is a big fan of all the hi-tech gadgets that are available in new cars these days.

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Towbin to throw a party

Towbin to throw a party
Finally, guests won't walk away empty handed, as the dealership will be filling the party with plenty of Fiat prize giveaways, from hats and bags to car accessories. The newest dealership in the Towbin Automotive Group, Towbin Fiat of Las Vegas is at …
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Video and Photo Gallery: 3D printing technology arrives at Dereham's Neatherd
There, they saw some of the applications at the most expensive end of this emerging technology, which has been used to create items ranging from car parts to fashion accessories, and Hollywood special effects to artificial organs. At Neatherd, the …
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App of the year 2014 poll: VOTE NOW!
We review countless mobile phone apps every year on Auto Express. From useful sat-nav apps and apps to help you pass your driving test to fun mobile phone car games and engine sound generators, if its car-related, we cover it. And now we're looking for …
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Oscar Pistorius fired gun through car sunroof in anger, says ex-girlfriend

Oscar Pistorius fired gun through car sunroof in anger, says ex-girlfriend
It was the latest piece of evidence to call Pistorius's character into question at the end of a dramatic first week in a murder trial that could only be more tense if South Africa still imposed the death penalty. Millions of TV viewers watched the …
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Geneva showcases 'bizarre' models
French custom car and motorcycle maker Lazareth is showing off its latest creation – The Wazuma GT – at the Geneva Motor Show. A cross between a motorbike and a car, the Jaguar 4.0 litre supercharged V8 engine achieves 375 horsepower and 387 …

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Test Drive
Mercedes-Benz's latest model is one of the sleekest, sexiest and most efficient cars in its showrooms. And the cheapest. Sure, automakers prefer to use the term “lowest priced,” but at $ 30,825 the CLA250 undercuts the the previous “Baby Benz” C-Class …
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What Is The Best Affordable Automobile Of Today?

Question by Kiran K: What Is The Best Affordable Automobile Of Today?

Best answer:

Answer by Imran K
Based upon research analysis completed by U.S. News editors, the number one spot in the list of affordable cars is held by the Honda Civic. The list is comprised of automobiles in the compact and subcompact categories for 2008………………read more

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Automakers Cautiously Upbeat in Geneva as Europe Recovers
A new Audi TTS automobile, produced by Audi AG, is driven on the stage during its unveiling ahead of the opening day… Read More. A new Audi TTS automobile, produced by Audi AG, is driven on the stage during its unveiling ahead of the opening day of …
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2013 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo Convertible – Life in California
Automobile Magazine Logo · GET THE MAGAZINE. Hello,. My Profile; Account Settings; Magazine Subscriptions; Sign Out. Login or Signup. Car Reviews · Road Tests · Long-Term Tests · Collectible Classic · Buyer's Guide · Research A New Car · Research A …
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Vogue Tyre acquires E&G Classics

Vogue Tyre acquires E&G Classics
Vogue sells, markets and distributes aftermarket tires—including its classic whitewall and gold stripe tires for passenger cars—along with wheels and accessories nationwide. “E&G's expertise in manufacturing and design aligns very well with Vogue …
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Reynolds Transforms to Avoid Extinction
And as a dealer you are getting high-quality late models for your used-car inventory. We also just acquired Add.On.Auto, an accessory-business tool. Accessories are a $ 32 billion-a-year industry that has eluded a lot of dealers. Less than 10% of …
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Q&A: Can you modify car cigarette accessories?

Question by hard_mike97: Can you modify car cigarette accessories?
I just bought 4 neon lights and they all use cigarette car adapters to power them. Is it possible to just cut off the adapter and splice the wires to the power and ground behind my head unit? It also has an on and off switch but i can always just rig one up myself.

Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by Master_W
It is definitely possible, just keep in mind that it is probably easier not to mess with your head unit, as the fuses/grounding and stuff is quite sensitive. Try placing a fuse in series with the entire setup and rather connect it straight to the battery, or even to the ignition, thereby removing the need for an external switch.

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What does the term “late model car” mean?

Question by Adam H: What does the term “late model car” mean?

Best answer:

Answer by thinking….
a newer model

(later years = closer to the present)

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Connected Cars – The Future Of The Auto Industry

Connected Cars – The Future Of The Auto Industry Automotive News gives us a little more information about Connected Cars. For More Connected Car Videos, News…
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Car Accessories

Cars have become an integral part of a middle-class man’s life. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who cannot even think of a life without a car. The purchase of cars has increased by leaps and bounds in the last few years. The high income of the consumer coupled with the easy car insurance loans offered by banking and financial institutions have resulted in this manifold rise. The interest of the people does not end with simply purchasing a car. They are now taking keen interest about enhancing the look of the car, both internal and external. Hence, car accessories have also attained immense popularity in recent times.

The car accessories India have a lot in store for the consumers. The accessories are available in a plethora of designs at various amounts. There is something or the other meant for every segment of the buyers. It can be easily said that you can give an exclusive look to your car with the proper usage of the car accessories available in the market. You can style your new car and also renovate your old car with new accessories in order to give a complete look to your car. The most widely used car accessories include seat covers, floor mats, dash covers and tow bars.

The car accessories are available in a variety of designs, materials and colors. You can choose the one which suits your needs, style and aesthetics. A lot of floor mats and dash covers available have the option of personalization. It allows you to add your touch on to your car with the help of those accessories. The perfect touch of glamour and comfort is essential so as to enjoy all your rides while inside the car. The interior of the car should feel cozy and comfortable. In order to create the perfect interior ambience, you should choose the proper seat covers and other essential car accessories.

Some of the new age auto accessories include the car sunroof, alloy wheels, car audio and the security system. These accessories create a feel good atmosphere so that you can enjoy your drive to the utmost. However, one should buy quality, durable and sturdy car accessories so that they can be used for a long time. You can get car accessories in the traditional shops as well as online shops. Before buying chalk out the ones which you are planning to buy and search for the best deal. Give your car a magnificent and glamorous look, to the envy of others, by furnishing it with attractive and useful accessories.

Ackley  has penned down different write-ups on cars.In this article he briefly describes  many things concerning  car accessories.

Is buying car from a car auction safe ?

Question by CuriousStar: Is buying car from a car auction safe ?
I mean can a person sell a stolen car to you on a car auction ? Does police have an investigations on these auctions ? How can you prevent ending up in trouble in this situation ?

Best answer:

Answer by kartik
Totally safe……….cheers

Add your own answer in the comments!

Mirrorlink 1.1 protocol brings third-party apps to in-car screens

Mirrorlink 1.1 protocol brings third-party apps to in-car screens
We've got the latest smartphone and tablet news, live from Barcelona! Read more. … Allowing drivers to access more mobile phone apps on a dashboard display while at the wheel sounds like a recipe for disaster—but at Mobile World Congress members of …
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auto show to showcase luxury sports cars
It will be a four-day show of the latest offerings from the newly robust automobile industry, which has in recent years has added a revived domestic industry to an already strong foreign component. The result will be a broadly representative show, with …
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Budget 2014: Revised car prices
Mahindra is the latest manufacturer to reduce prices on its cars. The rate cuts are in the range of Rs 13,000 to Rs 49,000 from the Verito Vibe all the way up to the XUV 500. This will benefit the SUV manufacturer as most of its models were hit by the …

Automotive News Technology Summit

Robert Berndt, President of Dominion Dealer Solutions, and John Reed, VP of Dominion DMS, discuss Dominion’s new partnership with Microsoft and soon-to-be re…
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Phoenix (mythical bird of fire) car accessories?

Question by Anonymous: Phoenix (mythical bird of fire) car accessories?
I see a few decals, but not really anything else (car mats, seat covers, steering wheel covers, etc.). Does anyone know of a site that would have any? I have tried google many a time, but no matter how specific I make a search, I only get sites that ship car accessories from Phoenix Arizona

Best answer:

Answer by paul
You should try a silkscreen shop. They do all sorts of transfers for t shirts. They can pretty much set up any design you want. They might even be able to get you set up with decals too, or point you in the right direction.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Latest Automobile News News

Tube Investments de-risks with equal spread across segments
In an informal chat with media persons, he said the non-automobile segment, primarily industrial products, will continue to grow with focus on bicycles and industrial products. The company's ₹250-crore large diameter tube plant near Tiruttani will go …
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A Stable Full of Thoroughbreds
Whether automobiles are to be categorized with the former or the latter can be debated, but there is little doubt that collecting them has become a growth industry — or that the New Jersey industrial designer Sam Mann has some of the most fascinating …
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FG inspects local automotive plants, says huge investments coming
It shows that we are not just starting from the scratch when we say that we want to encourage automobile companies to establish and assemble their cars here in Nigeria, in line with the new automotive policy. “One of the reasons PAN's massive and world …
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Another name of Sophistication, the Automobile

In this present age cars are attached with our daily life. By the word car the first thing which comes to our mind is speed. This is such a vehicle for commutation which is supported by four wheels. You can also avail the speed from a two-wheeler. But the thing which can’t be provided by a bike is the protection and comfort from environment. If you are going for a long trip then don’t forget to take your automobile. It will save you from dust and other natural calamities like rain or heat. An automobile offers you the not only the comfort but also the luxury. At least four persons can seat comfortably inside a car. So if you have a family of four then enjoys your ride with your car.

Often we see that in big functions or occasions, rich people comes riding on their Mercedes Benz or BMW. Both the cars are very expensive. We can conclude the name of ‘Ferrari’ as well as ‘Lamborghini’ in this list too. This type of automobile is used to show the status symbol in your surroundings. The manufacturers of these cars are very much dedicated with their work as their main goal is to serve the ultimate comforts. A proper model of a car creates a great impression in its buyer’s heart. When we find such models we become very curious to gather more details about them. This is the reason behind the popularity of famous cars. You can avail more information about these cars in the auto news section. Other than these cars, for regular use we can find the name of few cars which we often see in the pages of auto news.

Human will be always glorified with the tag of being the most intelligent living thing in this world.

The new invention in the world of automobile justifies their title. Electric cars are such a vehicle which can solve the problem of fuel insufficiency. Almost every country has started to manufacture these electric cars. New cars are arriving in the market with various designs. Our generation has a vast interest in this type of designer cars.

Global warming is an important issue of this current age. Pollution created by the car’s engine is very responsible for that. In such circumstances the invention of electric cars is like a blessing for human beings. We are benefitted by this invention in two ways. It has helped us to reduce the pollution rate in the air. Before understanding another importance of electric cars, we need to know our stock of fuel energy. As different manufacturing companies are launching new models of cars in each year, they need a huge amount of fuel for testing. But the limited stock of this fuel has created a great problem in front of us. But all the worries had been compromised after the launch of electric cars. These newly launched cars are also available in great designs as well as shapes.

Jack Collins is author of this article on auto news. Find more information, about auto news blog here

car exterior accessories / CAR & MOTORCYCLE (looking for distributors in the world)

facebook : kbeam trading looking for distributors in the world The application of K-BEAM *Presenting my unique design *My differential advertisement (Showing…
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Latest Latest Car Models News

Car review: Honda City i-DTEC
While these dimensions are almost identical to the outgoing model, the new car's wheelbase has been increased by 50mm to 2600mm which has led to freeing up a lot of space inside resulting in exceptional seating space for five. While this has been a …
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Maruti, Hyundai slash prices after excise duty cut
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, the passenger car market leader, has reduced prices by Rs.8,100 to Rs.35,000 across different models, according to a company spokesperson. Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd, India's largest utility vehicle maker, announced a reduction …
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Automotive Led Bulbs

Many types of LED lights are existing for cars that can spin any ordinary-looking van in to a in vogue and popular machine. These are well known as automotive LED lights and advance as headlights, underbody lighting, tail lights and interior lighting. LED is the new technology used in all kinds of lights, either they are military lights or traffic lights. This technology enables the light tubes to devour reduction power and run longer than common halogen bulbs or illuminated light bulbs. Furthermore, these tiny lights do not feverishness up rapidly because many of the appetite used up by them is converted in to light.

As such LED lights for cars are written to be brighter than all other kinds of lights. Under-car lighting kits enable the user to choose a shade from a operation of 2 million colors. Headlights moreover advance in interesting colors similar to white, orange, purple, pink, and blue. The newest designs in this difficulty add right-angle automotive LEDs, backup lights, wedge-based, architecture light, and dashboard automotive lights. Right-angle LEDs can moreover be used as tail lights and backup lamps. All these lights are optimized for more liughtness and reduction power consumption.

These LED lights are not really costly at all and are really easy to install. Under-car kits moreover advance with total designation instructions in add-on to all the vital components inclusive a remote coordinator with 14 modes. This is a digital coordinator that may be used in conjunction with the sound system. Projector lights are attainment in recognition since different colors they advance in and ease of installation. Door hoop LED lights for cars are utilitarian and look good. These lights advance really handy when you have to expostulate at night and may be used to see the doorway handles from a distance. In add-on to this, they moreover upgrade the on the whole look of a vehicle.

Some safety lights are moreover existing as automotive LED lights. These are well known as strobe lights. They may be commissioned at the front or back of the automobile according to your requirements. Strobe LED lights are existing in colors such as red, blue and green. Many tip of the line manufacturers give all these types of LED lights for cars and trucks. They are moreover existing online at completely affordable prices. These lights can run for many hours non-stop. You can moreover ponder wide-angle or narrow-angle LEDs to fit your needs and budget.

Interior automobile LED lights may be used to light up the interior of your car. They moreover have the skill to make your automobile mount out in a crowd. You can simply discuss it by seeking at the aura where your automobile is parked. These lights moreover give safety to a few extent. Wide-angle LED rods may be used as an substitute to interior lighting. Car enthusiasts try various types of combinations and examination with these LED lights to make their van more charming and great looking. Flash and pattern lights may be used to run with the sound network such that they change colors or patterns according to the song that looks cool.

Automotive LED bulbs advance in a accumulation of types, shapes and sizes to perform different requirements. They are often used by automobile lovers to complement the look of their vehicle. These lights moreover offer the role of safety as they are splendid and may be established from a distance. Automotive lights are existing as lurch indicators, LED architecture lights, spin vigilance LEDs, stop lights, tail lights and many others. You can purchase these lights to lighten up the interior of your automobile and to use them as spark or projector lights.

To learn more about the automotive LED bulbs, please visit us at

what qualifies as a “late model” car?

Question by emileegiles: what qualifies as a “late model” car?

Best answer:

Answer by david c
late model cars are considered to be between four to five year old from present time…so for example, we are in 2007…so late model cars typically would be from 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 to present.

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Auto industry drops weight, adds fuel economy

Auto industry drops weight, adds fuel economy
The long-standing best-selling car in America loses 700 pounds, or 15 percent, and, paired with a more efficient EcoBoost engine, expects to dramatically boost fuel economy. Industry convention estimates that a 10 percent weight reduction equals a 7 …
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Corvette Stingray unveiled their latest Black Widow car at Chicago
In Chicago Auto Show Corvette has revealed their latest model of car Black Widow Stingray. This car is supposed to be feature in next movie from Marvel comics. Black widow is among fifteen cars ranges in Stingray series. Chevy never disclosed for …
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THE LATEST NEWS : Man boots his own car to prevent theft watch


mqdefault1 THE LATEST NEWS : Man boots his own car to prevent theft watch

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Latest Automobile News News

Bridgestone Corp. agrees to plead guilty to price fixing on automobile parts
WASHINGTON (AP) — Bridgestone Corp. has agreed to plead guilty in a price-fixing conspiracy and pay a $ 425 million criminal fine in a Justice Department probe that has swept the automotive parts industry. Twenty-six companies including Tokyo-based …
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Be Prepared: Automobile Expenses are a Common Red Audit Flag
Be Prepared: Automobile Expenses are a Common Red Audit Flag. By Bonnie Lee. Taxpertise. Published February 12, 2014. FOXBusiness. BMW, auto, car sales, auto sales, cars. REUTERS. Almost all business owners use their personal vehicle for business …
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Vote on Account 2014: Iron and steel sector sees many ups & downs in past few
Growth in Automobile and consumer durables has helped the rise in per capita consumption. However, this did not benefit much as Indian GDP also started declining. In addition the iron ore mining got banned in states such as Karnataka and Goa to stop …
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The new MotorTorque iPhone app – car news made mobile


The MotorTorque app ( is the number-one source for car news, video reviews, car gui…

mqdefault The new MotorTorque iPhone app   car news made mobile

Newsreporter @ the scene of the accident.
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Automotive Industry Forecast

Automotive Business Forecast

Despite a wealth of info obtainable to help consumers discover a vehicle, the car shopping process can nonetheless be daunting for some-especially women.

Within the global automotive business things are really heating up as the traditional players fight for a top spot in the race for global dominance. General Motors Corp., that has been quantity 1 in terms of global auto sales for over 75 years, is fighting to keep that title within the face of growing competition from Toyota. Last year Toyota was trailing General Motors by only 261,805 units.

While it looks unavoidable that Toyota may claim top place, improved product sales in China (GM is now #1 in China beating former top dog Volkswagen) and surging sales in India have buoyed global income for the GM despite declining sales in The United States. General Motors boss Rick Wagoner recently stated “If we can keep growing exactly where the opportunities are to grow, someone’s going to have to hustle pretty hard to catch up with us like that.” That said, based on the Wall Street Journal becoming #1 is not a top priority for Rick Wagoner and General Motors.

Ford Motor Company, once #2 globally, is in third place with sales at just over 6.2 million units. Powerful sales in Europe have offset a seemingly endless product sales decrease of blue oval vehicles in United States. As soon as greatest sellers like the Ford Focus and Ford Explorer now sit on dealer lots as more innovative and fresh competition lure away new buyers. Ford could be wise to devise a more coherent item planning strategy instead of letting great cars waste away without any clear vision.

This is quite evident when you look at the lately discontinued Ford Taurus and Lincoln LS, vehicles that carried substantial brand equity at one point but failed as they became stale and irrelevant amongst their respective competition.

If Honda and Toyota can maintain the Accord and Camry nameplates going following much more than 2 decades, why has Ford had such a challenging time doing the same?

The large news is not just towards the top of the list. Riding high on a worldwide auto sales improve of over 11% in 2005, Hyundai Automotive Group is in high gear. The Korean automotive giant has moved into sixth spot behind DaimlerChrysler. Because 1999, Hyundai has passed established players such as Honda, Fiat, Nissan, and Renault. Hyundai does not strategy on getting too comfy in sixth spot as they’ve set their sights on becoming within the top five by the end of the decade.

They have their work eliminate for them as fifth place DaimlerChrysler is currently selling about 1 million much more vehicles annually. But I wouldn’t bet against Hyundai. In the last 10 years they’ve beaten just about everyone’s expectations. Volkswagen is holding steady in fourth place with over 5.2 million vehicles sold in 2005. 2006 and 2007 should see modest increase in auto sales with the introduction of the subsequent generation Golf (now known as the Rabbit) in North America and new models like the Volkswagen Eos.

Even though absolutely nothing is for certain within the auto business, one theme holds accurate. No automobile business has an inherent correct to the top spot. It has to be earned through fantastic cars and trucks. In this list the large winner will be the consumer.

If you are interested in the venta de autos or car sale business, please visit our online directory offering the best selection of used cars. If you have a used car you will like to advertise online, you can sell your autos usados for FREE.

Pull Out of Japanese Car Maker Toyota Latest Hit To Australia's Economy

Pull Out of Japanese Car Maker Toyota Latest Hit To Australia's Economy
SYDNEY — Academics and trade unions are warning that Toyota's decision to stop car manufacturing in Australia could push parts of the country into recession. The Japanese automaker said this week it will close its assembly lines in Australia by the …
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Car problems are on the rise
Vehicle owners say the number of problems in their three-year-old cars, trucks and SUV's have increased 6% from last year, according to J.D. Power & Associates' latest dependability survey, released Wednesday. This year's survey revealed the first …
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Graco recalling nearly 3.8M child car seats
DETROIT — Graco is recalling nearly 3.8 million car safety seats because children can get trapped by buckles that may not unlatch. But the company has drawn the ire of federal safety regulators who say the recall should include another 1.8 million …
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GM invests 250 million euros in modern engine production in Tychy

GM invests 250 million euros in modern engine production in Tychy
“The automotive industry is a very important branch of our market, therefore this new investment in the GMMP Tychy plant is very good news not only for the region, but also for the whole economy,” says Janusz Piechociński, Poland Deputy Prime Minister, …
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Ex-Dividend Reminder: Delphi Automotive, Royal Caribbean Cruises and
Looking at the universe of stocks we cover at Dividend Channel , on 2/13/14, Delphi Automotive plc (Symbol: DLPH), Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (Symbol: RCL), and HanesBrands Inc (Symbol: HBI) will all trade ex-dividend for their respective upcoming …
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Lectra joins forces with the CFDA to support New York City's Fashion

Lectra joins forces with the CFDA to support New York City's Fashion
Lectra develops the most advanced specialized software and cutting systems and provides associated services to a broad array of markets including fashion (apparel, accessories, footwear), automotive (car seats and interiors, airbags), furniture, as …
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2014 Fiat 500L Introduces Beats Edition, Fresh Colors, 120PS Engines and
Moving onto the rest of the 500L range, Fiat has added a brand-new Venezia Blue metallic body color, along with fresh choices for the fabric and leather interiors, and new optional accessories, including from Mopar, such as a satin-finish molding for …
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Model car questions???

Question by Darkness-Falls: Model car questions???
ok, so ive been planning to build my first model car now for weeks…now i got some money im ready to choose which model i want. any advice on where to start….since its my first, would i be better buying a cheaper model with less parts….and maybe hand paint it….OR….should i just throw my self in the deep end of the pool lol and buy a revell or tamiya model…..and buy spray paints, primer, sand paper ect…..and follow the learning curve mistakes or not? any tips would be helpful

Best answer:

Answer by Cracked
As with any hobby, start out small (cheaper) first. IF you find that you lose interest, then there is not much invested. If you find you love it, THEN jump into the deep end.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Car Accessories-Smart Drive 19,June 2011 Part 2

Smart Drive-Asianet News.

Car Ipod Accessories

In todays life, an iPod is a thing of necessity and everyday use. The iPod is considered to be a boon nowadays for the music lovers who can now carry loads of music in their pockets. Moreover, the iPod has now become your mobile entertainment center, where you can watch videos and listen to your favorite music or even the radio while you are on the go or are getting bored.

One of the most popular places to use iPods is your vehicle, since many people have some excellent stereo systems installed in their cars. Even people with average stereo systems would prefer to listen to their car ipod music on the car stereo speakers rather than the earplugs of the iPod. This enhances the listening experience, and it also allows other people present in the vehicle to enjoy the music as well. The good news is that there are tons of good iPod adapters for your car amongst other iPod accessories for the car that will allow you to achieve this purpose.

One of the times when you appreciate your iPod the most is when you need to travel extensively, whether its by air, land or sea, and you find that you have a lot of time on your hands. And when this travel comprises travel by car having your own personal car iPod accessory kit can help you tremendously. With a car iPod accessory kit at hand however, you will find that you dont actually have to cope with all of that your songs play loud and clear the entire time. And if you are worried about battery time, dont be. Most of the car accessory kits which are on the market these days include an iPod charger in the kit as well.

All these advantages have made the car iPod kits very popular among most of the car users. All you need to do with these kits is put in your car ipod in the dock of your car, where it sits tight and then you can access all the tracks that are stored in your iPod. The sound quality of these players is far better than ordinary DVD players. Apart from this you can also charge your iPods while your car is running.

There are many such accessories which help you have a better experience of carrying the iPod while you travel. You can get cheap iPod accessories for the car through online shopping websites. Also check the online auctions to grab some best deals. Aforementioned accessories will help you make the best use of your iPod and have fun traveling.

Source by:

car ipod

assume you’re the director of an automotive branded news site sponsored by mercedes.?

Question by The: assume you’re the director of an automotive branded news site sponsored by mercedes.?
the mercedes ceo asks you not to run a story about a Mercedes recall. what would you do?

public relations

Best answer:

Answer by Joey
i would most probably say that this will make the news site look dishonest, but negotiate to post it in the most insignificant way possible ie, small font and no links on the front page

Add your own answer in the comments!

I am looking for a late model used car….?

Question by Ruthie: I am looking for a late model used car….?
…What is the best car to buy and how do I get a great deal?
I want something that is hip and professional.

Best answer:

Answer by dipace
I am a bit of a Car snob, so I like Mercedes Benz cars.

For example, you might be able to get your hands on a 2004 or 2005 C230, which a cool sporty sedan that is very professional, for around 15,000. Especially about now, as the new Mercedes are out and people are wanting to move up – you can certainly pay them more than they will get at a dealer.

Try an ad in the paper, look on and even check at dealers in your area.

Give your answer to this question below!

Automobile Question?

Question by Allison: Automobile Question?
The other day I was driving my car and I noticed a weird sound coming from the tire. I took it to a tire shop thinking it was my tire and the guy told me it was my wheel bearing going bad. It sounds like I have a flat tire but the tire is in good shape. He said I could drive my car a few more weeks but then I would have to get it fixed. Does it cost alot to fix the wheel bearing and what happens if I wait too long to get it fixed? I am planning on getting it fixed next month when my income tax is in.
It’s a 1995 Chevy Corsica

Best answer:

Answer by loonatic72
The price all depends on the car? (see we dont know what you drive) But you want to get it fixed asap you could lose the whole tire while your driving.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Which online businesses are set to boom?

Which online businesses are set to boom?
The increase in automotive sales is being fuelled by demand for aftermarket parts and accessories. If sourcing car parts sounds a bit challenging to you then jewellery and accessories could be the way to go. The category has seen a 31% in revenue per …

Car Gift Ideas for Worried Parents with New Driver Children
A window scraper is one of the top must-have accessories for cars and is a really handy thing to have in the cold weather as windows will often ice over at night making it difficult to see when driving. However, if you buy one with a built in sponge …
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'Car of the Year' title: Seven models lead race

'Car of the Year' title: Seven models lead race
The Car of the Year Committee, composed of 58 automotive journalists from 22 countries, has already chosen its seven favorites from the 30 new models launched on the market during the course of 2013 and having sold a minimum of 5,000 units during the …
Read more on Arab News

Maruti Suzuki Celerio, Pegged as India's Cheapest Automatic Vehicle, to Debut
The Celerio, which is flaunted as a replacement for the company's slow-moving A-Star and Zen Estilo models, will be the first vehicle in India to come with Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). The AMT technology, derived from the renowned Formula One …
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Automotive Led Lights

The automotive led lights are those lights which are now very popular all aver the world these light are mostly you will find most of the electronic items but few years ago few people are familiar about them, automotive led lights become more popular among the people when these lights are being used in the cars .

Automotive led lights are integrated to the front of the cars, sides and some times these are installed at top of the vehicles. In many countries the vehicles should be equipped with the side automotive led lights to make the turn indication.

Automotive led lights cover your money

The growing popularity of automotive led lights based on three reasons first these lights have longer lifespan second uses considerably less power and the third one is cost a lot less to implement usefully. Automotive led lights are cost effective because it covers all the money which you have spend on it because the life span is very long. In the market there are lots of automotive led lights at different price at different features but all have the benefit of cost effectiveness but first you should search on internet about it.

Automotive led lights and life style

In this modern world every person all over the world want to have some fun and enjoyment in the life with some style, they want to be proud about their choice these desires changes the way of living and gives some style to a person. If you are that kind of person who want some style and proud about your choice automotive led lights are the best choice. These are the best lights which are more stylish and make your life luxury.

Our recommendation about Automotive led lights

If you are looking for a great lights Automotive led lights are the best choice for you it has a great demand among the people you can check it on the web site that people are giving excellent views about this.

You can purchase it easily because that style will fit comfortably into your budget. These Automotive led lights are full of quality and durable for many years and they will never failed to impress you. We would definitely recommend that you choose these Automotive led lights if you are a person who want style and durability so you should go for it

Interested in learning more? Read more detailed writings about Automotive Led Lights right now. Visit our site for lots of great Car Led Lights Information.

The Car Pro reviews the 2012 Hyundai Veloster and updates the Automotive News of the Week. For more, visit

Wild car chase in Minnesota – The Latest News


Wild car chase in Minnesota – The Latest News Like Subscribe & Share For More Videos SUBSCRIBE to The Latest News: Watch the latest …
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mqdefault12 Wild car chase in Minnesota   The Latest News

Car Crash and Prank Call Cause Panic at LAX | NewsLook SUBSCRIBE to The Latest News: Car Crash and Prank Call Cause Panic at LAX | NewsL…
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Where can i find Car crashes in the news paper?

Question by Jack: Where can i find Car crashes in the news paper?
I have this assignment in drivers ed where i have to come up with 20 news articles about automobile accidents from the news paper. I have 4 editions of the Salt Lake Tribune but I cant find anything any where. any specific spot i shoudl look?
by the way. NO INTERNET! it has to be from an actual newspaper

Best answer:

Answer by nystroke94
practically every news paper in the US has there news paper online. if u go to their online website, which u can google. just go to their archives and type in car crash or something related to tht. start with if u want

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

NICB’s Latest List of Ten Most Stolen Cars Includes Older Car Models

The recent “Top 10 Most Stolen Cars” list released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau reveals that most car thieves currently prefers to steal older car models as opposed to the latest ones.
The revelation has actually caught the attention of most car owners and this has made some of them think why car thieves now prefer to steal older car models despite the fact that there are a lot of expensive and latest car models parked on most driveways.

However, the NICB also provided a substantial explanation for this trend. According to the agency, the pattern in which car thieves choose to steal older car models was brought about by the security and safety gadgets installed in latest vehicle models sold to new car finders . These security gadgets and mechanism forced thieves to turn their attention to older cars models that are not secured.

This simply means that the security devices installed on most expensive and latest car models sold to car finders and those that are offered through auto financing were somehow successful in deterring or discouraging thieves from stealing these cars.

However, the agency is calling on the attention of owners of older car models since these are the vehicles that are now considered as the primary target of thieves. They are also encouraged to install security devices such as tracking gadgets, immobilizers, and even car alarms to increase their vehicles’ security against thieves.

The list also indicated that the top three spots were occupied by Honda and Toyota. The top spot is currently occupied by the 1994 Honda Accord, the 1995 Honda Civic got the second spot and the 1991 Toyota Camry comes in third.

The remaining spots that are included on the top-ten list were occupied by vehicles produced by US car makers starting with full-size 1999 Chevrolet Pickup to the 1999 Ford Taurus on the tenth spot.

As a whole, the list suggests that the efforts exerted by car makers in providing greater security features to the vehicles that they produce are gradually earning success. With this, car buyers can now take advantage of the effects that these security gadgets could provide.

Marty Vergel Baes is an SEO Content Writer for three years now. He has been an expert in writing automotive related articles. Among the topics that he specializes on includes car buying guide, car maintenance tips, auto financing, and bad credit auto financing guides for, and He is also good in conducting SEO research and article distribution with anchor texts on the body.

Toyoto Service at San Fernando Pampanga with the latest Toyota Car Models.
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Latest Automotive News News

McLaren Automotive dealership expands luxury car market in Scottsdale
Supercar maker McLaren Automotive has brought its high-performance vehicles to the luxury outpost that is North Scottsdale. The dealership's opening marks the first time McLaren has been in the Valley of the Sun since the 1991 Formula One racing season …
Read more on Phoenix Business Journal

WMG adopts Surface Generation technology for automotive development
The PtFS process is quicker and more efficient than traditional approaches and unlocks a significant market opportunity for affordable, lightweight carbon-fibre reinforced components for vehicles at the top end of the high volume automotive market.”.
Read more on High Performance Composites

I cannot find anything that will work form wage inequality in the automotive industry?

Question by blue_eyed_woman_23: I cannot find anything that will work form wage inequality in the automotive industry?
I am suppose to find two sources that will help me too answer these questions
Describe any current or past news events related to wage inequality in your chosen industry.

What was the industry’s method for determining that there was an inequality? Explain.

I have been looking all day and I can’t find anything that is close to relevent can you help?

Best answer:

Answer by meg
You can find CEO pay for companies at

Here is a time line of events that would have produced news articles that may provide you with a topic for searches, particularly about GM strike.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Latest Automotive News News

Ford owns Automotive Loyalty Awards, Audi and Subaru are king of conquests
That's what the Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards are all about. Every year the industry research body names the automakers, brands and models that manage to keep their customers coming back for more – and attract buyers to switch from other makes.
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Pricing Gains And Growing Industrial And Automotive Shipments Will Help
However, the positive performance in automotive, chemicals and industrial shipments segments will offset the decline in coal volumes. Positive growth in the agricultural market will also have a favorable impact on overall volumes. Another key metric is …
Read more on Forbes

how long will a late car loan stay on credit after payoff?

Question by I do, I don’t: how long will a late car loan stay on credit after payoff?
I was late on my car payment 90 days back in 2005 and 60 days late as of this January. I paid the final 3 payments in February and received my title. How long will this negative account take to drop off my credit report? It is the only late thing on there and bringing my score down. Is it 7 yrs from my first late payment in 2005 or 7 yrs from this past February when I paid it off?

Best answer:

Answer by Michael
Any derogatory information stays on your report for 7 years. So each individual late payment should come off 7 years after that late payment. The good news is that each late payment will negatively affect your score LESS as each month and year goes by as long as you are not adding new late payments or establishing a strong pattern of late payments in general.

Usually, a late that is two years old (with no subsequent late payments) will have little impact on your score if the rest of your report is decent.

What do you think? Answer below!

Automotive Overview

Most of the domestic automobile plant joint venture, with technology from the foreign decision-making power, the use of electronic products to provide more complete by the foreign and domestic self-developed electronic products is difficult to enter their complete system, which seriously affected the domestic automotive electronics industry. China’s opportunities for China’s accession to WTO, will gradually lift the localization of car-assembly requirements, to achieve global procurement of parts cars. In this backdrop, but also for the development of China’s automotive electronics industry has provided new opportunities and challenges. Automotive electronics industry as an emerging industry groups, its market growth potential.

According to the data to forecast that by 2005, China’s automotive electronics industry’s annual output value will reach more than 2000 billion, which is currently the largest increment of the product categories, we can see the development of automotive electronics industry has become essential. Through the research of China’s automotive electronics industry, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, Tsinghua University and other experts believe that as long as the active tracking of foreign advanced automotive electronic technology, as soon as possible to shorten our country and foreign advanced automotive electronic technology gap, China’s automotive electronics industry is promising. To this end, the experts put forward the development of China’s automotive electronics technology, a few proposals.

The first is to develop the promotion of policies to encourage the development of automotive electronics. Proposed to use discount loans in support of industrial engineering and technological transformation of enterprises; recommended the establishment of Automotive Electronics and Control Engineering Research Center, focusing on the electronic control unit hardware and software research, part of which is the foreign companies will not carry out the transfer of technology; to attract domestic small and medium sized e-business engaged in the business performance of automotive sensors, automotive electronic control actuators of the introduction, development and production. Ic-known to use foreign companies to conduct car business performance CPU’s OEM design and manufacturing; organization or to create automotive electronic control system integration enterprises.

The second is to strengthen macro-control, to avoid the research and the introduction of duplication and waste. Automotive Electronics is involved in an automobile, electronics, computer systems engineering and many other industries, the development of other industries with matched related industries should be coordinated, national relevant functional departments should make full use of macro-control functions, to focus human and financial resources to conduct automotive electronics R & D and introduction of new technologies to avoid duplication and waste.

Third, make full use of the introduction of vehicle technology, digesting and absorbing assembly with the vehicle or the introduction of electronic technology. At present, China has introduced a variety of cars and engine technology. They are equipped with varying degrees of advanced electronic products, such as electronic injection devices, anti-lock braking system, etc. There are also a few companies have a separate introduction of this technology; we should lose no time in the Organization’s technical strength of these technologies digest absorption, innovation, and gradually realize localization; the same time to make use of foreign advanced technology, enhanced development capabilities, shorten our application of electronic technology in the automotive process.

The fourth is to develop more stringent, but also for China’s national conditions fuel consumption, emissions and safety standards, and vigorously promote the adoption of legislation on information technology in the automotive applications, there must be corresponding support policies and regulations, such as the development of environmental regulations, safety regulations, and fuel economy regulations.

The fifth is to establish a research and development capability to have independent team and a group of scientific research base, increase investment in research funds; actively track the foreign advanced automotive electronic technology, to shorten the China and foreign advanced automotive electronic technology gap. Sixth state loan deal with automotive electronics projects, products, preferential policies in taxation. Automotive electronics industry will play an important role in people of insight have recognized the development of the automobile industry, there must be the rapid development of auto parts industry, as a support, to promote the rapid development of China’s auto industry, and thus enhance its competitiveness in the international market force.

In the auto parts industry development, the automotive electronics industry will play an important role. This role is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, for the automotive industry to provide technical support for the upgrade. Now the car has begun to abandon the mechanical concept of the future will be replaced by integrated electronic modules, automotive electronic devices will become. The second is to improve vehicle performance and low cost. As more and more electronic information technologies and products in the vehicle on the application, the car will be a significant reduction in manufacturing costs, while vehicle stability, safety, comfort will be greatly enhanced. Third, the comprehensive competitiveness of the automotive industry as a whole will be improved. Fourth, for the relevant supporting industries to provide greater space for development. In the automotive electronics industry development, China has formed a good industrial base. Especially in the matching-based products, such as. Car Audio, OPS, sensors, communications equipment, etc., with a strong competitive edge.

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How serious is the damage if a car is flooded?

Question by Carbonbased Lifeform: How serious is the damage if a car is flooded?
There was heavy rain and I drove my car into an intersection where there was a lot of water. I didn’t know that the water level was that high until it was too late. My car stalled The water level wasn’t high enough to get into the interior of my car, but it was high enough to make it stall. It wasn’t left in the deep water for too long. I had help pushing it out of the water after several minutes. I tried to start the car again. The starter cranked, but there is no combustion. I was wondering if any serious damage has been done to the car. It was not flooded up to the windshield like the ones you see in the news. I have an ’88 Nissan Pulsar.

Best answer:

Answer by jack w
Give it a few hours or days to dry out. When you cranked it did the engine turn over as usual. The worst possibility is that water entered the engine and made it to the combustion chambers. Water does not compress like air and will seriously damage the pistons, rods, etc. if it made it to the comb. chambers.
Most likely, the ignition wiring is just wet and needs to dry out.

Give your answer to this question below!

Victor Muller – Chairman Saab Automobile – Motor News n° 32 (2010)


Victor Muller, German chairman of Saab Automobile, explains in the press conference the strategies and the new era of Saab, after the new partnership with BM…

mqdefault11 Victor Muller   Chairman Saab Automobile   Motor News n° 32 (2010)

MrReggieDee’s shared video file.

Latest Automotive News News

Automotive Industrial Robotics Industry for Global & China Markets 2014 Analysis
DALLAS, Jan. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — adds Research Report on Global and China Automotive Industrial Robotics Industry Report,2013-2014 to its store that says the automotive industrial robotics market is split …
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Small automakers VIA Motors, VL Automotive turn heads at show
The GM connection for new automakers perhaps has something to do with their links to Bob Lutz, former GM Vice Chairman, who sits on the board of directors for VIA and is the co-founder who put the L in VL Automotive. 2014 North American International …
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Hyundai connects with Verizon to bring wireless to US autos
The number of cars connected to the Internet worldwide will grow more than sixfold to 152 million in 2020 from 23 million now, according to researcher IHS Automotive. GM, Volkswagen AG's Audi brand and Tesla Motors Inc. each revealed plans this month …
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Automotive Parts

Automotive parts are the different components (or spare parts) of an automobile. Every automobile owner will have to shop for automotive parts sooner or later. Contrary to popular belief, automotive parts are not manufactured only by the original manufacturing company (of your automobile) but also by various independent (engineering) companies that specialize in manufacturing and installing automotive parts of a diverse range of automobiles of different makes and models. Automotive parts (manufactured by the original manufacturing company of your automobile) are expensive in most cases. When you factor in the repair or installation charges you will have to pay at the workshop and cost of alternative transport, you would realize that it will make more financial sense to buy your automobile and purchase a new one.

Most car enthusiasts can and do have a certain degree of technical know-how and generic tools that are useful for basic repair work. If you have undertaken thorough research and explored all the options before purchasing the automotive parts, you would probably have purchased them at a reasonable price. A large number of car enthusiasts save hundreds of dollars just because they have technical know-how and generic tools that allow them to do basic repair work and installation of their vehicles at home. Availability of automotive parts was a huge constraint some time back. Automobile owners could buy second hand parts from their repair workshop or order them from the original manufacturing company of their automobile.

Experts recommend investing in original equipment manufacturer automotive parts despite the fact that they are more expensive because they are superior in quality, more reliable and are made for the specific make and model of your automobile.

On the other hand, aftermarket parts are manufactured for your car by companies other than the original manufacturer and are designed (generically) for several (makes and models of) cars. The performance of aftermarket parts is unreliable at best. Moreover, because they are manufactured by relatively smaller (and unknown companies) there are no guarantees for aftermarket parts available in the market. Thus, do not be lured by the substantially lower price of aftermarket parts because chances are that they would make you spend more in the long run than original equipment manufacturer parts! It should also be kept in mind that original equipment manufacturer parts are not necessarily manufactured by your automobile’s manufacturing company but one or more other companies that have been authorized to manufacture these parts by your automobile’s manufacturing company.


Here you will learn about Ford Edge parts and Ford Escape parts


How much should I ask for in a settlement from the Insurance company from an automobile accident ?

Question by Homewrecker Blvd Demolition Inc.: How much should I ask for in a settlement from the Insurance company from an automobile accident ?
I was in an automobile accident in November 2006 which I was not at fault.I was hit head on by a driver running a stop sign.The next day I went to the Emergency room for shoulder pain.It was believed that I had whiplash and the pain would go away.The pain did not go away and about 2 weeks later I went back to the ER for a followup and I had Xrays done.After the Xrays an MRI was scheduled and the radiologist found that I had swollen bone marrow in my shoulder from the accident and osteoarthritis had quickly set in.Besides pain and pressure of my shoulder feeling like it was going to fall off, everytime I moved it grinded and was popping.I was sent to a bone/joint specialist and they recommended to excercise it by lifting weights to ease the pain. I went back 6 weeks later (today) for a followup and the pain has stopped but the popping/grinding has not.I will have the arthritis for the rest of my life.The insurance company wants to settle and I dont know a monetary $ value to tell them.
First of all the osteoarthritis WAS from the accident and I have proof from the radiologist that it was caused from “tramatic injury” aka the accident. I am only 22 I had no previous injuries or problems out of my shoulder. I even asked if it could have set in that fast after an accident and the radiologist and the specialist both agreed that it could even at my age. I just wanted an idea of a fair amount to ask for given my condition. I am not out looking for a get rich quick scam or anything.
My medical bills are about $ 2200-$ 3000 and I also purchased some weights to lift as suggested by my specialist to ease the pain.
I forgot the damage to the vehicle was about $ 9000 and the frame was bent but the vehicle wasnt totaled cause the bluebook was about $ 18,000.
What I really want to know is how much is pain and suffering actually worth? I was in a lot of pain and was drugged up for like 2 weeks and didnt feel like doing anything. I don’t know a value for something like that. I just want to know something fair and nothing money. They offered only $ 1000 and that don’t seem fair since the arthritis will probably give me problems later on down the road.

Best answer:

Answer by Unknown16
Well Add up all ur medical bills from the accident, pain and suffering, and ide say the bills from seeing the specialist and maby physical therapy costs if needed!

Give your answer to this question below!

Bentley Mulsanne 2013 Latest Car Model Review Comforts Features Specifications


mqdefault10 Bentley Mulsanne 2013 Latest Car Model Review Comforts Features Specifications

Bentley Mulsanne 2013 Latest Car Model Review Comforts Features Specifications Bentley has a number of new features luxury flagship , Bentley Mulsanne , a ne…



mqdefault9 TOP 10 CAR ACCESSORIES 1306 ZB 2142PM

Video Rating: 2 / 5

Why are we no longer hearing about the automobile industry crisis?

Question by JaimieS: Why are we no longer hearing about the automobile industry crisis?
Why after the Cash for Clunkers program are we no longer hearing about the crisis in the automobile industry? Now that this program is over haven’t the sales gone back down to the pre-program levels? I don’t see people lined up at car dealerships waiting to buy and I don’t see that this program will do anything in the long term. With the insignificant improvement in fuel emissions due to this – why doesn’t the media want to report about these things when it used to be a daily occurence?

Best answer:

Answer by Cheer Up
Because the Democrats are embarassed that the whole auto maker bailout was Pelosi’s idea.

Pelosi is the one who took to the podium the day after Election Day and announced that we must nationalize the auto makers.

And I warned everybody to remember, this is Pelosi’s idea. P-E-L-O-S-I. Because I just knew it would implode.

And it did. Just as soon as Obama handed them a check for the $ 30 billion bailout, GM pocketed the money and declared bankruptcy. so probably they will never have to pay it back.

That’s our money. Gone. Because Obama borrowed the money from China, and we still have to pay back China.

But here’s GM in the news announcing their revolutionary new electric car.

How does a bankrupt company introduce a revolutionary new kind of car?

It creates the impression that Pelosi took Obama by the hand, and they both robbed us of $ 30 billion of our money, and then gave that money to a big greedy company that will never pay it back, even though they still seem to be making cars just like always.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and other big banks have paid back their TARP bailout loans plus interest, and GS just posted a world record profit. The government profited from this bailout, and the recipients are back in business.

To recap:

Bush/Pauson TARP bailouts: successful and profitable

Pelosi/Obama GM/Chrysler bailouts: bankruptcy and debt

No, if I was a Democrat, or a member of the liberal news media, I wouldn’t be highlighting any of that.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Car audio Malaysia K&H Auto Accessories Team At Country Homes Audioshow.(Coucar Audio)

This is recorded at Malaysia. Team of Asia Sound Challenge. hell yeah.! enjoy.for information only. the VIVA is already been sold. =) and the vios is now ful…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A midsize car that's not vanilla? The Mazda6 dares to dream, outsmarts with

A midsize car that's not vanilla? The Mazda6 dares to dream, outsmarts with
Intriguingly, the 6 uses a system called i-ELOOP to store braking energy, and sends it to a capacitor (instead of weighty batteries) to power the car's accessories — they say this makes it 10 percent more efficient because the electric accessories …
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Autoparts Swap 'n Sell to drive car lovers to Big E grounds
Some 350 vendors – including wholesalers, retailers and individual sellers – are expected to fill the Better Living Center selling and trading a huge selection of new and used parts, tools, accessories, equipment and memorabilia. Those in search of a …

Detroit Auto Show 2014 Press Preview
An interactive model city provides a car's eye view of the road. (credit: George Fox/CBS Detroit). North American International Auto … Visitors can take a handout to make their own paper car. North American International Auto Show. Scion Paper …
Read more on CBS Local

What percentage do you think is the chance that Santorum can beat Romney and win the nomination?

Question by The Equalist: What percentage do you think is the chance that Santorum can beat Romney and win the nomination?
The latest news are not looking good for Mitt Romney.

Looks like it’s time for Megatron Romney to transform into another candidate. Maybe he can transform into a Southern Baptist to combat Santorum’s Catholicism and win the South & Midwest.

Best answer:

Answer by qwert
45% of Santorum beating Obama
60% if the media was centrist instead of leftist

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Car News In India

You want to find out what are the latest cars being launched, or the price of the car that you are thinking of picking up. Or simply you are interested in cars and want to read up on all the latest car news. So where do you go for some authentic car news in India? There are so many sites and so many blogs. Which are trustworthy?

Well fact is that most sites that have the latest on car news are good and will provide you with adequate and correct information.  Some will be more detailed than the other but a few surfs should give you a better idea of which ones to fall back on.

Online auto sites have all the information in one place. From the latest launch that is due to the latest reviews of already launched cars, from the price quotes to accessories, from interior décor to exterior trimmings, from comparisons to tips and advice, these sites cover everything in minute details making it easy to get all the information under one roof.

In features that are catching the attention in the auto news market are the following-
Shell advance, the leading motor lubricant brand has declared the route from Coorg to Munnar via Ooty as the “ultimate riding wonder” from amongst a number of international circuits selected.

To prove that the up!, the smallest new offering from Volkswagen is a very spacious car, the employees made an attempt at an unofficial world record. 15 women and one man squeezed themselves into the car- One in the dashboard, Two in the boot, four on the front seat, seven on the rear ones and two in the footwells. The idea was to have wholesome fun and also prove the spaciousness of this car.

This and more such news like the launch of new cars, their reviews, etc are all part of the car news section in most online websites.

The launch of the Renault Pulse a car in the small segment was recently in the news too.

Recent news on diwali discount and offers formed a large section of the car news segment for most car based websites in India. Very soon the market will be flooded with news from the latest launches scheduled for late 2011 and early 2012. Till then one can rejoice in being crowned the supreme route to be driving on.

Author’s Bio: Ackley  has penned down different write-ups on cars. In this article  he briefly describes  many things concerning  car news india.

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Importance of Latest Automobile Insurance News

Keeping yourself abreast with car insurance news associated with the latest amendments that are made within the industry is quite crucial if you wish to search the most suitable policy for yourself. Insurance plans are probable to changes often in accordance with the present laws and sometimes they adversely affect your auto insurance policy. By keeping you completely informed you can dodge fatal accidents that may otherwise land-up taking away all your assets.

By staying informed of the current news you can analyze the future benefits to your insurance scheme. If you are searching for a new insurance scheme then you should contact the several auto insurers. If you convey them your specific requirements then they can inform you about any latest modifications that may affect your choice over the insurance that you desire.

If you already own an auto insurance policy then your current insurer will keep you informed about all of the recent modifications or developments that took place. All this comes under the customer service as they want their clientele to benefit in the maximum possible way from their products. Often companies offer the ease of creating yourself an e-mail account on their site through which you can receive e-mails and newsletters informing you about the recent developments in the market and in the company also.

Irrespective of whether you are looking for a new scheme or you possess currently one, then you should frequently spend time accessing quotes anyhow. By performing this you will perceive the remarkable modifications related to cost hikes or lowering of the coverage that you are hoping to receive. This is a better way of keeping yourself updated with any modifications.

Usually listening to the news and devoting time on insurance sites will certainly help you to keep yourself updated.

To find related websites you just simply need to search them through a keyword using search engine. Try to search websites specially created to provide updates on the latest news of present auto insurance companies.

Consulting family and friends may also help you in staying informed about auto insurance news. Particularly, you should try and discuss any remarkable modifications to your insurance policy. Those in an identical situation to you will more readily keep you abreast with any remarkable changes that may affect you and them as well. It is also a nice idea to switch onto the channels based on the economics of the world, to gather any constructive information pertaining to any modifications related to this field. is a leading car insurance news source. Click for more information on high risk auto insurance and other informative topics.

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Robots Building BMW X1 in New China Factory Auto Tech News

Robots Building BMW X1 in New China Factory Auto Tech News.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

How much the is the car accessories industries worth?

Question by wilsonwst16: How much the is the car accessories industries worth?
Can anybody out there tell me how much is the car accessories industries worth? I know its not big, just tell me how much it’s! Please, thx~

Best answer:

Answer by seeramey
I would say its allot!! Best Buy has 800 stores circuit city is close there is custom shop in any descent size town.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Latest Latest Car Models News

Green Car Preview: 2014 Detroit Auto Show Concepts & Production Models
The latest Fit, along with a four-door sedan model and also a subcompact crossover on the same underpinnings, will be built at a Honda plant in Mexico–which should let Honda make more money on its smallest volume line. The Fit competes with the …
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Exhibitors gear up for display of latest cars at Jeddah event
The visitors will have a chance to experience latest car models of leading brands from USA, Europe, Japan, Korea and China, all under one roof allowing the discerning potential buyers to choose their favorite brands. SIMS' unique themed zones offer …
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Latest Car Accessories News

Classic cars' period correct accessories have become hot commodities
It's hard to believe, but many of the accessories that I used to add to my cars some thirty of forty years ago have come full circle from being expensive aftermarket parts, to inexpensive used junk, to trendy “Period Correct Accessories.” I am amazed …
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With New Website Launch, Buying Corvette, Mustang, & Muscle Car Parts now
Action Auto is a one stop online shop for car accessories and auto parts with an avalanche of quality parts and accessories for Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Camaro, just to mention a few. It is a company with class and standard …
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Latest Car News And Reviews – 2010

A web hub endeavoring to unleash facts, provide unbiased reviews and guide car enthusiasts to live up to their car fanaticism. Cars! That’s all we care at ht…
Video Rating: 1 / 5

PARA MAIS VIDEOS, POR FAVOR INSCREVA-SE NO CANAL ignore tags: halo 4,india funny news,notebook trailer,chapman middle school,nnews tapa,human events,mecca ,o…

Q&A: How can i buy a late model car with no regular job or credit?

Question by ghesley l: How can i buy a late model car with no regular job or credit?
I’m looking into buying a late model car but i don’t have the necessary things to qualify me for a loan such as credit history or a regular job. I have enough money in the bank to pay cash for one but that’s not something I’m willing to do. I have pay stubs from some of the things I do to get paid but they are not regular jobs. This my first time looking in to buying a car from a dealer. I would like to know how can I go about buying the car if I plan on making a big down payment.

Best answer:

Answer by Never
If you have last years tax return showing you earned over $ 18k with these odd jobs, you might stand a chance with a sub prime lender at a high rate and a jacked up car price.

Trust me, paying cash is best

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Where to find a car accessories showroom in Dubai where I can fit a keyless entry for my car?

Question by dxb_guy: Where to find a car accessories showroom in Dubai where I can fit a keyless entry for my car?
Where to find a car accessories showroom in Dubai where I can fit a keyless entry for my car?

I am not looking for the cheap ones the Irani people fit in Satwa or Baraha, but some good reliable top market showroom which can do that as my car is new and I dont want any shabby job.

Best answer:

Answer by forbidden0angel0
you can find them in your car’s agency .. or garage ..

or in alhimreya & mimzar ..

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Car buying advice for India – Latest Car News and Views from


mqdefault8 Car buying advice for India   Latest Car News and Views from

Visit to ask questions to car experts and owners. Here we bring you the latest news from the Indian automobile scene in a 3 minute news…

IAA NEWS 2013 ] Moderne Pkw-Werbung – Autowerbung | Tuning and Car News – latest Motorshow News.

Latest Automobile News News

Buffett-Backed BYD Says Chinese Cars to Debut in US
BYD's ambitions, echoed by companies from Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. (175) to Great Wall Motor Co. (2333), show how the Chinese are seeking to shake up the U.S. car market as the Japanese and South Koreans did decades earlier. Geely and Chery …
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This time, 16 million sales forecast is on merit
But little else about the auto industry today resembles the last 16 million-unit year, when automakers regularly overproduced and artificially raised demand by throwing blowout sales to get rid of the excess. "Back in 2006 and 2007 the industry was on …
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UP: New Laredo-Memphis intermodal/automotive service
Union Pacific has initiated a new intermodal service between Laredo, Tex., and Memphis, Tenn., “supporting growing transportation needs for the automotive manufacturing and intermodal marketplaces.” “This industry-leading, third-morning service …
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Google establishes Open Automotive Alliance to get Android in cars

Google establishes Open Automotive Alliance to get Android in cars
In an effort to make it easier for Android to enter vehicles, major players in the auto and technology industries, including Google, Audi, GM, Honda, Hyndai and NVIDIA, have come together to form the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA). Their goal is to …
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Automotive Leadership Awards to be presented Jan. 16 at Cobo
The Free Press and Bridgestone will present the 2014 Free Press Automotive Leadership Awards on Jan. 16 at Cobo Center. All are invited to the free event beginning at 10 a.m. in the new atrium. There also will be a panel discussion on technology and …
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Japan: car accessories – Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld – BBC

Jeremy visits a japanese car accessories warehouse to see the variety of kit you can buy for your car. Funny video from BBC motor show classic, Jeremy Clarks…
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Latest car news from India – car buying advice for Indian car buyers from

Visit to ask questions and interact with car experts and owners. Here, carToq brings you the weekly roundup of auto news from India for the la…
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Where can I find a list of dealer markups for car accessories?

Question by supervital: Where can I find a list of dealer markups for car accessories?
I once found a magazine that listed the dealer markups on car accessories based on item, car brand, dealer, etc. I have no idea what the magazine was called, and I can’t find any similar info in online searches. Does anyone know of a magazine or a link that might be helpful? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Fish
Consumer Guide (print edition) should show this.

My dad used to work in the car iindustry and in general, the dealer invoice price was 10% less than the MSRP for the basic car and around 15% less than the price of each individual accessory or acessory package. That should be close enough for estimation purposes.

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Automobile News- BMW3, AudiA8L, Maruti WagonR Challenge- Turbo,


mqdefault7 Automobile News  BMW3, AudiA8L, Maruti WagonR Challenge  Turbo,

In this edition of Turbo, our official news bulletin we explore the BMW 3, Audi A8 L diesel and watch Tavleen as she goes over to the Maruti WagonR’s think b…
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“apple iphone 5″ “samsung galaxy s4″ “htc one unboxing” “iphone 4″ android “htc one review” “iphone 5s unboxing” “iphone 6 unboxing” “htc one features” “htc …
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6 car gifts not to buy
Distracting driving is a serious issue, and we don't need any more accessories that make it easier to access electronics while driving. Yes, we know some commercial vehicles (and also police cars) have access to laptops. And while many people use their …

Ventev Mobile Accessories Debuts Unique Portable Power Accessories
This charger is perfect for the mobile traveler as its unique design features an unfolding 12V DC plug for a car's accessory socket and an unfolding AC wall plug. The circuitry supports 110-220V input, allowing it to work anywhere in the world. An …
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Why do some Americans focus only on materialistic possessions?

Question by John D: Why do some Americans focus only on materialistic possessions?
Its like they “live to work” here. They want the latest car models, houses etc. Then make more to remodel and throw a pool to show off to relatives family etc. What is the point of that. Why not live simple and use that money to travel, have fun with family etc???

Also families in the western world are shrinking due to this. Everyone isolated…So why have a 4 bedroom house when kno one comes over and its only 2 ppl living in there lol. Your THOUGHTS?

Best answer:

Answer by Natalie
I think it’s all ridiculous. Like, who really needs all that stuff?

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Q&A: Is Montana the new Alabama with their roadkill buffet law?

Question by Average College Student: Is Montana the new Alabama with their roadkill buffet law?
They are allowing Montanans for “salvage” anything they hit on the road. This will lead to more animal deaths and even poaching by automobile. Bad news for wildlife!

Best answer:

Answer by I do not care
No that would damage your car. If you hit something like a deer it could kill you.

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Why China is stepping up its presence in Detroit auto industry
While the US automotive industry continues to rebound after its near collapse from the financial crisis few years back, China is quietly expanding its presence in the Detroit-based market. Encouraged by the low price of real estate and the high level …
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CES 2014: Audi Presses Innovation And Future Of Piloted Driving
“The word automobile actually means self moving,” Nayyar explained, before introducing Gary Shapiro, president of the Consumer Electronics Association and Rupert Stadler, chairman of the board of management of Audi AG. The pair drove onto the stage in …
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THE LATEST NEWS : Is this the car of the future? watch


mqdefault6 THE LATEST NEWS : Is this the car of the future? watch

What is Car of The Future? | Clipsal 500 | Clipsal › The Race – Traduzir esta páginaThe Car of the Future (COTF) will make its racin…
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Why is it that American brand named vehicles are losing now in the automobile industry?

Question by roda19: Why is it that American brand named vehicles are losing now in the automobile industry?
I have finally come to the conclusion that American brand named automobiles are losing in the automobile industry. Like, news coming out that Toyota is now the No.1 car maker in the world & that Ford is knocking on their doors to merge. And Honda cars are known for their great quality & all. American cars are now known for their recalls, low quality, poor design, sometimes called copy-cats in design, etc.? What’s going on? I used to love Mustangs, but now I am losing interest & confidence in US brand cars.

Best answer:

Answer by Cool A
I think that cars made in other places are more gas efficent and are built to last

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Penske Corp. Chairman Roger Penske addresses the 2013 Automotive News World Congress


mqdefault5 Penske Corp. Chairman Roger Penske addresses the 2013 Automotive News World Congress’s Jason Rzucidlo was LIVE inside the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center for the 2013 Automotive News World Congress. In addition, you’l…
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Best places to subscribe to for all latest car news?

Question by Anardinian: Best places to subscribe to for all latest car news?
Where are the best places to subscribe to for all the latest car news? I mean up to date really descriptive and stuff, covering most if not all new releases

Best answer:

Answer by Red Devil
Go to for all the car news and reviews.

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2013 Ferrari F12berlinetta – First Drive Review – CAR and DRIVER

Car and Driver’s Senior Editor Tony Quiroga gets behind the wheel of Ferrari’s latest supercar, the 2013 F12berlinetta, on the latest episode of Car and Driv…
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Where can you purchase cute car accessories?

Question by Kate-Ann: Where can you purchase cute car accessories?
I am in the process of saving up for my first car.I want a nice used car. I have seen some people with cute car accessories.
I love the color purple and I want purple car mats.Where can I get purple car mats? Where can you purchase fuzzy steering wheel covers? I saw one lady with Snoopy neckpillows attached to her car seat.Where can you purchase neckpillows for cars? Are car seat covers available in different colors and patterns? Where can you purchase car seat covers?

Best answer:

Answer by AZ
I found a bunch of car accessories on these sites:,,… Hope this helps you out in your search!

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Favorite Car Accessories


Learn which accessories will help make your car easier and safer to drive. From special truck bed liners and music adapters to automatic window roll-up using…
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mqdefault4 Favorite Car Accessories

Driving to Vegas let us test gear that puts your phone at your fingertip and power your laptop on the go.

BRZ Weekly Update #25: Oil Changes and This Week in Automotive News

mqdefault3 is the second channel I’m doing. In this week’s update I talk about maintenance and oil change costs for the car. In this week’s ne…

mqdefault3 BRZ Weekly Update #25: Oil Changes and This Week in Automotive News

2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Review & Test-Drive by The Car Pro, Jerry Reynolds, plus news about the Mini Cooper’s role at the Olympics. For more straight talk…

How to choose the car accessories?

Question by : How to choose the car accessories?
Getting quality car accessories is quite difficult.In what basis we have to select it.Tell me guidelines.

Best answer:

Answer by Iam A Bad
Generally car accessories are being chosen by the good branded product.Because if the quality is high then the life of the product will also be high.So buy the car accessories in a good shop with branded product.In my opinion is best for selling complete auto detailing supplies.

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Automobile News | Green Signal

Watch the latest news and reviews for cars and bikes on Green Signal Show on Rosebowl Channel.

SBARTSTV Rare Global News Video BMW 2013 at 21st Auto Mobil International Leipzig The presentation by premium automobile manufacturer BMW at Auto Mobil Inter…

Google's Open Automotive Alliance: the battle for the…

Google's Open Automotive Alliance: the battle for the…
Last night's announcement of the Open Automotive Alliance — a new industry group helmed by Google and top-tier automakers like Audi, GM, and Honda — served as the loudest call yet of CES's rapid transformation over the past couple years into a car …
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Ford Announces Automotive App Developer Conference
This week's International CES usually serves as a platform for companies to unveil their cutting-edge technology, but Ford has instead taken the opportunity to announce its own tech-centric event. The Ford Developer Conference is designed to bring …
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Wanxiang Bids For Fisker Automotive
fisker-hatchback Just when it looked like the Fisker Automotive saga might be put to rest, a last-minute bid from China's Wanxiang Automotive has thrown the whole thing into a bit of legal chaos. The new proposal doesn't offer any more money for the …
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Automobile News | Green Signal


Car and Bike news from Green Signal, a show on Rosebowl Channel.
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mqdefault2 Automobile News | Green Signal

Watch the latest news about autos and bikes. Green Signal is a car and bike review show on Rosebowl Channel.

Magnetic Nanoport links phones to accessories, cars, each other

Magnetic Nanoport links phones to accessories, cars, each other
Magnetic toy maker Nano Magnetics announced a technology Tuesday called Nanoport, designed to let people link small phone displays into a single larger one, snap phones onto car dashboards, and easily link them to other devices. Nano Magnetics …
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Griffin unveils new iOS controlled helicopter and rally car, iPad accessories
Griffin is a regular at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and this year they're back again, showcasing a plethora of tech and accessories for your iOS devices, from toys to accessories to business tools. Here is a quick look at …
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Dead Car Battery? Cold Weather, Electronics Could be Your Problem
Car batteries are an electro-chemical process so they have inherent limitations and are impacted by endless variables impacting their performance. For example, the life of a battery depends on the climate you live in, length of time electronic …

Whats a good site for daily motorcycle news?

Question by robbversion10: Whats a good site for daily motorcycle news?
I currently go to autoblog for my up to the date automobile news. Are there any similar sites for motorcycles?

Best answer:

Answer by theharleyfixer
Here you go…

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TFLcar Most Fun of 2014 – Top Ten

TFLcar Most Fun of 2014 – Top Ten
At the beginning of every year, The Fast Lane Car (TFLcar) selects vehicles that provide one of the most basic, yet rewarding feelings a driver can experience from an automobile — fun. Having already evaluated these vehicles, the team from TFLCar put …

Chinese Manufacturers Rushing to Brazil
As competition in the domestic automobile market intensifies, China's local brands are shifting their focus overseas. Rapidly developing markets in South America, led by Brazil, are shaping up to be the new focus of investment in the future. Most …
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3 Reasons Why There Won't Be An Auto Sales Boom In 2014

3 Reasons Why There Won't Be An Auto Sales Boom In 2014
In the previous auto boom, carmakers boosted sales by relying on easy credit and ever more-generous incentive plans to get customers into showrooms. “Back in 2006 and 2007 the industry was on illegal drugs — doing steroids,” Jesse Toprak, the …
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Jacksonville Sheriff's Office looking for suspected automobile burglar
Police are looking for a woman who is suspected of multiple automobile burglaries on Jacksonville's Westside, according to the Sheriff's Office. An investigation, started after an automobile burglary on Sage Drive Nov. 9, has led police to believe …
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Google, Apple Forge Auto Ties
Neil Boudette reports. Photo: Getty Images. The annual event known as CES has in recent years become an important showcase for advances in automotive electronics, including the kind of autonomous driving technologies that Google has helped pioneer.
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UK new car sales highest since 2007, SMMT says
UK car sales in 2013 recorded their best year since 2007, industry figures have shown, helped by cheap credit deals and stronger consumer confidence. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said that 2.26 million vehicles were registered …
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Automotive News Best Dealership To Work For 2013

Automotive News Best Dealership To Work For 2013 Visit:

In this week’s news, I talk about Michael Schumacher’s injury, the Lexus RC-F image that supposedly “leaked”, the BMW-Toyota partnership becoming official, the Fiat takeover of Chrysler, the…
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World of Automobile

We can’t think a day without the automobile. They gradually become our essential part of our life. Each and every day cars are used for various reasons. Seeing this demand, manufacturer introduces millions of new cars with sophisticated design. Other than these designing criteria they also take great care in the departments of colors as well as shape. These cars also come with many upgraded techniques to support the demand of the customers. The top most priority is maintained in the comfort section. All these features are involved in the time of representing an automobile.

It is known to all that companies like ‘Bugatti’, ‘Rolls Royce’ etc. are associated with making expensive cars. These cars have created a milestone in giving comfort as well as class. But the most surprising fact is that the small local companies like ‘Mahindra’, ‘Maruti’ and of course ‘Tata’ have also began to join this group by giving priority according to consumers expectation.

From the ancient period vintage cars have always occupied a special place in the car lover’s heart. Before buying a car we need to gather detail information about it. As this is a large amount of investment, it should not go in vein. But if you have not sufficient knowledge about the cars then you need not to worry. Follow the auto news regularly and it is sure that after few days you will gather required knowledge about cars. Except the auto news section of the newspapers you can visit websites which provide you sufficient information about the cars. In this case we can take the name of tuning news.

In this site you will get the information about the upcoming cars as well as their features too. Tuning news also provide the facts or knowledge about the cars which belong to different countries along with their price and specification. The interior as well as the exterior designs are showed in 360o format. All the updates about the cars are included in this site. Thus the world of automobile can be accessed from a small space of internet. So buying a car is not a difficult task anymore.

The car lovers live in their world of techniques. Their thirst as well as starvation for the new arrivals is untouchable. Whenever a launch of a new car is happening in any part of the world they start trying to gather the detail information of that particular automobile. They are always alert with the change and updated with the knowledge of current auto market. After knowing the complete specification along with the technical characteristics of a newly launched car, they gain full satisfaction. We can say that the news of the car market seems like appetite to them. Website like helps them to quench their thirst. Starting from the new concept to the launch, every small amount of details is stored in auto stream’s web pages. A new user of this type of auto news sites may surprise after viewing their collection of automobiles along with their information.

Robert Digweed is author of this article on auto news. Find more information, about tuning news here

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Transformers Remote Control Car Latest model RC Car


mqdefault1 Transformers Remote Control Car Latest model RC Car

genuine source of the latest remote control peak Transformers / deformation of car / robot / remote control car.
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Extreme Car Crash Testing Global Auto News


mqdefault Extreme Car Crash Testing Global Auto News

SBARTSTV Rare News Video Latest Car Crash Testing Global Auto News. Only 3 of 11 midsize luxury and near-luxury cars evaluated earn good or acceptable rating…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 -nice cars-automobile-cars on line-car news-automotive-automotive news Buy or Sell your car here.List any car for just a month! F…

Q&A: What are good schools in NY or NYC that have good automotive engineering programs?

Question by Dowin: What are good schools in NY or NYC that have good automotive engineering programs?
I’m a senior in High school, my grades are fairly well and I’m interested in being an automotive engineer, or other professions that deal with building and repairing cars. I want to go to a college or a university for it, but I’m having trouble finding colleges that have these programs. I’m wondering if its under the program “Engineering: Mechanical”? I’m not sure, I’ve been trying to find out but I haven’t had much success. Anyone know any colleges that can guide me? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Shannon
It looks like Farmingdale College (SUNY) and Cornell are both excellent choices for automotive colleges in New York. Cornell comes recommended by, a company that is respected in the automotive market for being a trusted advisor for consumers. You can find their Top 10 list of colleges for automotive engineering here:

You can also check with U.S. News and World Report, which regularly ranks colleges and universities all across the United States. They are the number one source for college rankings. They recommend Farmingdale College. You can find their top-ranked list by going to the following website:

When you reach the search page, type “automotive engineering technology/technician” and “automobile/automotive mechanics technology/technician” into the fields for majors and under “location,” tic the box marked “North.” This should give you a list of four highly-ranked automotive engineering schools in the northern part of the United States, one located in New York.

I hope this is helpful, and good luck to you in your college search!

Shannon K
Reference Librarian
Washington County Free Library
Hagerstown, Maryland

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Review of the latest models of Ford

The original Ford Ka made everyone go crazy with its first appearance in 1997. The new Ka is not an exception. The little carrier of the philosophy “kinetic design” provokes flaming comments of the automotive press. Funky, friendly, and perfect to drive, the new Ka is rewriting the standard for smaller cars. Round lines, daring proportions and new colors in the exterior of Ford Ka inevitably attracts to look at it. As you take a peek inside, the instrumental panel, the two-colored seats, and the dazzling central console attract with brave contrasts and expressiveness. The size of the vehicle is a deception – it looks really small, but it actually is quite spacious, and has no problems with transporting four adults and all of their luggage. Moreover, for the first time you have engine options: 1,2l 70hp Duratec gasoline engine or 1,3l 75hp Duratorq TDCi turbo diesel engine. It is available in two basic model variations – Ambiente and Titanium.

The new fashion icon Ford Fiesta is out on the market. It is a bright expression of design inspiration today. If you have ever been stunned by breath-taking architecture or thrilled by modern art, this car is going to provoke in you a strong feeling of déjà vu. Today’s design icons have influenced every detail – from the chiseled dynamic exterior to the cult interior. And the technologies inside are innovative as the most advanced electronics these days. You should not be wondered, Ford Fiesta has won over seventy international awards, and it is among the top selling vehicles in the particular class. Exterior: the big front reversed trapezoidal grid leads the look toward the convex muscular shoulders of Fiesta.

The uplifted line of the front hood, together with the strongly expressed arcs of the wheels add to the feeling of athleticism, while the back lights framed in chrome details create neat accents. Fiesta’s uplifting sideline is curving toward the highly placed backlights, forming cuneiform profile, looking like a sports coupe, it creates the style of charged energy. The automobile is a true incarnation of Ford’s Kinetic design in its purest form. Interior: futuristic, but very comfortable Fiesta is welcoming you with its warm ambient lights, while the armature panel individually enfolds you and your travel mate. The fabrics and colors of the interior look and feel stunning and surely, they provoke comparison to designers fashion brands. The stylish color shades capture every single look. And in case you are a big fan of gadgets and electronic devices, you will come to realize that Ford’s innovative technologies are as advanced, as the ergonomics in Fiesta.

Besides the fact that Ford Fiesta looks gorgeous, the manufacturers from Ford keep constantly developing and improving the engines, in order to not harm the environment.

If you want to find more interesting information about Ford Ka you can follow this link to Ka brochure.

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Q&A: What are some good automotive news sites?

Question by atomic8778: What are some good automotive news sites?
I’m trying to find a good website that offers news about cars. Concepts, reviews, etc. Currently, i go to but im just wondering if there are any other good ones.

Best answer:

Answer by V8Vantage
I highly recommend Autoblog. It is similar to Jalopnik, but they just improved their site and have news, reviews, and cover different events all over. Also has fun little articles about other things car related, a very reliable site.

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Where can i find car accessories in Greece?

Question by Nasos: Where can i find car accessories in Greece?
I need some car accessories to buy online in Greece.Where can i find these.I live in Tripoli.

Best answer:

Answer by TAMCF
Best bet to be honest would be just go on Ebay and see if the products you look at offer delivery to Greece (which most i think will since it is in Europe).

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Google launches the Android-based Open Automotive Alliance…

Google launches the Android-based Open Automotive Alliance…
Google and a number of automakers are planning to bring Android to cars with the launch of a new group called the Open Automotive Alliance. The alliance consists of Google, GM, Honda, Audi, Hyundai, and chipmaker Nvidia, and will focus on bringing the …
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Where did the word 'automobile' come from?
3, 1899, the New York Times printed the word "automobile" upon its austere pages. It wasn't the first publication to do so; Scientific American used the phrase "automobile carriage" in a May 14, 1898, review of the Winton Motor Carriage, but the Grey …
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